Failed to execute pipeline


This issue is only present on Zivid 2.


Zivid software is not able to capture, and outputs the following error message:


A Halide error occurred: Failed to execute pipeline: <internal code, e.g. z0f65fa09e974262>
Failed to execute pipeline: SubsampleColor

Possible cause

There is a known issue with the following combination (see SDK Changelog for 2.10 SDK):


  • Zivid 2

  • Multi-acquisition HDR

  • Monochrome Capture (Sampling::Pixel set to redSubsample2x2 or blueSubsample2x2)


There are a couple of options.

Change OpenCL device (AMD)

Support for AMD was removed due to low usage and OpenCL stability issues in the drivers.

If you are using an AMD CPU with an integrated GPU, then you can replace it with an Intel CPU with an integrated GPU. If you are using a dedicated AMD GPU, you can replace the AMD GPU with an Nvidia GPU, or use your Intel CPU with an Integrated GPU. This option will allow you to use the same capture settings.

Change camera settings

You can try a single acquisition capture. Since the dynamic range will likely reduce, you might need to modify your camera settings; see Capturing High Quality Point Clouds.

If you need HDR, you can capture 3D in full resolution by setting Sampling::Pixel to all. Keep in mind that this will increase the capture time. The point cloud quality can also be affected so keep an eye on highlights and contrast distortion artifacts.

Change camera

Zivid 2+ camera works in this combination.