Capture Speed

An important factor for an application is speed. In order to estimate how fast an application can operate we need to know how much time each component takes. There are two important measurements that estimate how much time Zivid requires:


This is the time it takes to execute the capture API. When the API returns it is safe to block the FOV of the camera or move the camera. In Zivid Studio, CaptureFunctionReturnTime is shown as Acquisition Time.


This is the time it takes from calling the capture API until the point cloud is available on the GPU. It does not include copying data from GPU memory to system memory.

Zivid benchmarks all presets on different hardware, be it high-end or low-end. These benchmarks will vary over time, in most cases improve, as we move to newer SDK version. For relevant numbers choose the version of this documentation that corresponds to your SDK version.

The capture process is described in more detail in Point Cloud Capture Process.