2D color image inconsistency after updating Zivid SDK


Zivid camera outputs different color images after updating Zivid SDK using the same 2D color settings.

Possible cause

For Zivid 2 after updating to SDK 2.8

The color balance calculation for Zivid 2 was updated in SDK 2.8. This means that the color values for a given pixel may differ after updating the SDK. There is only an inconsistency if the Color Balance values are larger than 1. The difference is more pronounced for higher gain values. The images below illustrate the inconsistency between SDK 2.7 and SDK 2.8.

2D image captured with SDK 2.7

2D image captured with SDK 2.8

2D image captured with SDK 2.7

2D image captured with SDK 2.8

For all cameras after updating to SDK 2.11

In SDK 2.11, Zivid Studio represents colors in sRGB, instead of linear RGB. The histogram and the RGB color channel values for a given pixel are still displayed in linear color space. The image below shows the same image represented in sRGB and linear RGB.



Color represented in sRGB space.

Color represented in linear RGB space.

Monitors typically expect images in sRGB space and will do an inverse gamma correction before interpreting the image for display. For more information, go to 2D Color Spaces and Output Formats.


If the color balance is wrong, re-tune the color balance gain values either manually or by following our Adjusting Color Balance guide.