Stationary Mounting

All Zivid 3D camera models can be stationary mounted. We recommend using the Zivid Stationary Mount.

Zivid Stationary Mount

Zivid Stationary Mount is a low-profile, flexible camera mount with a unique, single screw tightening system that makes adjustments fast and precise.


The datasheet and user guide in PDF and CAD files can be found at Accessories Downloads.

Mounting Instructions

In the box, you will find the Zivid Stationary Mount and mounting screws. The following tools are required for installation:

  • Hex 4 and 6 mm

  • Torx 20, 25, and 30


The mount can be re-configured to be either in pan-tilt or tilt-roll. Before you install the mount, evaluate which configuration best suits your application.



Installing the mount on the side of a horizontal profile in a tilt-roll configuration provides two benefits. The roll joint allows aligning the camera perpendicular to the scene, while the tilt joint enables tilting it to avoid reflections and interference from the background. For more info see Positioning Correctly

To re-configure the mount, loosen the four M4 screws top and bottom plate, and re-attach them in the new configuration with 4 Nm torque.


It is straightforward to install our stationary mount to a V-slot profile with M6 screws and T-nuts.


The mount can be installed on any surface of the profile with the camera oriented in any direction, horizontally or vertically, pointing up, down, or sideways. For more information on which screws to use for your Zivid camera check out Mounting Specifications.


Loosen the center bolt to adjust the angle of the camera. Tighten the center bolt with a 6 mm hex key to a torque of 8-9 Nm for a good grip if exposed to vibrations. A torque of 5 Nm is sufficient for lab use on a stable surface.

Use the 360-degree laser engraved markings to precisely adjust the angles. The markings also enable you to remember the camera orientation for your system, should you need to dismount and later remount the camera.

Why use Zivid Stationary Mounting solution?


One mount fits all our camera models, and dismounting the camera is possible without complete disassembly (only one screw). Utilizing the markings allows you to precisely adjust the angles when reassembling the camera in the same orientation.


Two mounting configurations and two degrees of freedom enable multiple camera orientations.


Rigid design ensures the mount does not move in the joints even when exposed to vibrations.

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