Protective Housing

Protective Housing is designed and tested for optimal protection of Zivid cameras with minimal added weight and physical footprint. The integrated cable protection reduces the probability of damaging cable connectors. The built-in shock absorption in the camera base and choice of material (carbon housing and aluminum shield wings) decrease the likelihood of damaging the camera in case of accidents.

../_images/protective_cage_1.png ../_images/protective_cage_2.png

The protective housing is compatible with the Zivid 2 and Zivid 2+ cameras and all Zivid Mounts, both stationary and on-arm. It also contains a mounting fixture for additional equipment (reserved for future use). For robot mounting, we recommend using Zivid cables with 90-degree Power and Data cables.


CAD files can be found at Accessories Downloads.

Mounting Instructions

In the box, you will find the Protective Housing and mounting screws. A 4 mm hex key is the only tool required for the installation.

Slide the camera backwards into the protective housing.

Attach the housing to the camera by tightening the three supplied M5 screws using a 4 mm hex key. Do not exceed 3 Nm torque.


First, attach the Protective Housing to the camera, then fix the assembly to the Zivid Mount (On-Arm or Stationary). Connect the cables at the end.