Stripe Engine

The Stripe Engine is the default Vision Engine for Zivid 2+. It is built for exceptional point cloud quality in scenes with highly specular reflective objects. This makes the engine suitable for applications such as factory automation, manufacturing and bin picking.

The Stripe Engine is developed specifically to handle scenes with for example:

  • Metallic cylinders

  • Automotive parts

  • Sheet and plate metal

  • Polished metal

  • Chrome-plated parts

  • Stacked metallic objects

The following filters must be enabled when capturing with Stripe Engine:


Contrast Distortion Filter

Zivid 2


Zivid 2+


Point cloud quality

The Stripe Engine is less sensitive to noise produced by interference from ambient light sources, reducing the need to compensate with 50Hz/60Hz exposure time.

Cylinders with Phase and Stripe Engine Bin with Phase and Stripe Engine

Dynamic range

It has a high dynamic range, and is therefore less sensitive to:

  • Highlights

  • Blooming effects

  • Reflections from ambient light sources

  • Direct reflections from the projector

This results in less penalty when the camera points straight down into a bin and other objects.


Stripe Engine has a significantly wider dynamic range on Zivid 2+ compared to Zivid 2. This means it performs better on Zivid 2+ for high dynamic range parts like specular objects.


Camera Model

Number of Patterns

Zivid 2


Zivid 2+


Version History




Stripe Engine removed from experimental.


Reflection filter is no longer required for Stripe engine.