Omni Engine


The Omni Engine is only available for Zivid 2+.

The Omni Engine is built for exceptional point cloud quality on all scenes, including scenes with extremely specular reflective and transparent objects. Same as for the Stripe Engine, it trades off speed for quality. This makes the Omni Engine suitable for applications such as piece picking.

The Omni Engine is developed specifically to handle objects and scenes with:

  • High dynamic range

  • High reflectiveness

  • Moderate to high transmissivity, for example:

    • Bottles

    • Plastic wrapping

    • Bubble wrapping

    • Clear plastic

This makes the Omni Engine handle most scenes the camera is pointed at. You can therefore use this engine for item picking in e-commerce or other areas that have a high variety of challenging parts.


When using the Omni Engine, the Reflection Removal Filter must be enabled and set to Global Mode.

Point cloud quality

The Omni Engine gives complete point clouds with few missing points in cases where the other Vision engines are not enough. It does, however, smooth out edges more. If you rely on very accurate edges you should therefore consider the other Vision engines instead.

The Omni Engine is also less sensitive to noise produced by interference from ambient light sources, reducing the need to compensate with 50Hz/60Hz exposure time.


The Omni Engine gives complete and accurate point cloud coverage on all scenes but at the cost of smoothing out edges to a small degree.

Dynamic range

It has a very high dynamic range, and is therefore less sensitive to:

  • Highlights

  • Blooming effects

  • Reflections from ambient light sources

This results in less penalty when the camera points straight down into a bin and other objects.

The higher dynamic range typically covers the scene in one acquisition, reducing the capture time by not requiring HDR captures. This also allows higher exposure times without having saturation, compared to the other Vision engines.


One acquisition is usually enough with the Omni Engine due to its higher dynamic range.


Camera Model

Number of Patterns

Zivid 2


Zivid 2+


Version History




Improved Omni engine quality and performance, offering better coverage and reducing artifacts. Omni Engine is also removed from experimental.