SDK preview 2.10 will be released by June 6th!

Noise Filter

The Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) filter removes points where the SNR of the projected pattern signal is below the specified limit (see Detectable Light Intensity in a Camera Capture). Points with low SNR value will be noisier (e.g. due to ambient light), and the SNR filter can, therefore, be used to preserve only the points that are deemed acceptable.

In some inspection cases, it may be desired to only preserve points with high confidence. In bin-picking scenarios, however, noisier points are typically regarded as better than no points at all. This is because, ultimately, the matching algorithm will decide whether or not the match it found is satisfactory or not.


SNR threshold value of 7 yields a good tradeoff between discarded points and noise.


SNR filter adds close to no additional processing time.

For more information about the SNR value see SNR Value.

Version History




SNR filter API is added, replacing the old Contrast filter.