Multiple Zivid Cameras


Multi-Zivid requires:

Zivid One+

Zivid SDK version 2.7.0 or higher.

Zivid Two

Zivid SDK version 2.4.0 or higher.

Multi-Zivid allows you to simultaneously operate multiple Zivid One+, Zivid Two, and Zivid One+ and Zivid Two cameras combined from the same PC. This makes it possible to:

  • Capture point clouds sequentially, when connected to multiple cameras, from a single thread in one process.

  • Capture point clouds sequentially or in parallel by running multiple threads or processes, each connected to its own camera.

However, using multiple Zivid cameras comes with certain limitations:

  • You must list cameras and connect to cameras via the SDK sequentially.

  • You cannot simultaneously connect and operate the same camera from multiple threads or processes.

  • We recommend connecting to all cameras in one thread and then spawning new threads (one for each camera) that control each camera individually.

  • You must run firmware updates sequentially. Once the firmware update starts on one unit, let the process complete and connect to the camera before starting the firmware update on another camera.

  • You must not call Zivid::Application::cameras() simultaneously from multiple threads or processes; they may collide when trying to connect to the cameras to get the serial number, firmware version, etc.

  • The same holds for any combination of these API calls (connect, update firmware, list cameras) at the same time from multiple threads or processes.


Cameras can capture images simultaneously but must be connected to the computer in sequence.

Connecting and using multiple Zivid Two cameras requires each camera to have a unique IP address. How to configure IP is explained in Zivid Two Network Configuration. We cover network configuration for multiple cameras on the same network using a switch as well as multiple cameras connected to multiple network interface cards.

Version History




Improved capture speed of Zivid Two.


Support for running multiple Zivid One+ cameras on the same computer.


Support for running multiple Zivid Two cameras on the same computer.


Experimental support for running multiple Zivid One+ cameras on the same computer.