ROI Box via Zivid Studio

Zivid Studio allows you to easily create a ROI box and export the capture settings with the chosen ROI parameters. Check out the video below for a quick guide on how to configure the ROI box in Zivid Studio, demonstrated by filtering the contents of a bin.


When using the point picker you cannot select a pixel that is a NaN in the point cloud. You can therefore only select pixels that correspond to actual points in the point cloud.

Once you have created the ROI box in Zivid Studio you can export the settings YAML and load it back into your application.

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const auto settingsFile = "Settings.yml";
std::cout << "Loading settings from file: " << settingsFile << std::endl;
const auto settingsFromFile = Zivid::Settings(settingsFile);
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var settingsFile = "Settings.yml";
Console.WriteLine("Loading settings from file: " + settingsFile);
var settingsFromFile = new Zivid.NET.Settings(settingsFile);
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settings_file = "Settings.yml"
print(f"Loading settings from file: {settings_file}")
settings_from_file = zivid.Settings.load(settings_file)

Version History




ROI box reduces capture time.


ROI API is added.