Calculate FOV and Imaging Distance

Using our online calculators you can determine which Zivid camera best fits your application in terms of the FOV and distance of imaging. To get a visual representation, you can download CAD files of Zivid cameras with FOV from CAD files. If you are looking for the FOV and working distance information in a written form, please check out our datasheets, which is on the same webpage.


Zivid defines the working distance as “the distance from the camera lens to the object of interest”. For a 3D object, there will be a large number of these distances. This is because it only applies to a single z-value, and all points in the corresponding x-y plane.

FOV calculator

The FOV calculator outputs the size of the FOV (width and height) and spatial resolution for a given Zivid camera model and the imaging working distance.

Distance calculator

The distance calculator outputs the imaging distance that a given Zivid camera requires to achieve a given size of the FOV (width and height).


Two camera models may both be in the optimal working distance for your application. In those cases choose the one with lower point precision. This is because the working distance is then closer to the focus point.

Further reading

We also have a calculator to Calculate Occlusion, which is especially important for stationary mounted cameras in bin-picking.