Calculate 3D Capture Speed

The time it takes a Zivid camera to capture and process a point cloud is a function of:
  • Number of acquisitions

  • Filter

  • Exposure time of each acquisition

  • Performance of the hardware used to run the camera

The calculator allows you to calculate image acquisition time of a Zivid camera. It outputs the following:

  • 3D image acquisition time

    • The time it takes from capture is initiated until all acquisitions are captured.

  • Point cloud processing time

    • The time it takes from all acquisitions are captured, until all processing is completed and the point cloud is available on the compute device.

  • Total 3D capture time

    • 3D image acquisition time + Point cloud processing time

  • Throughput rate

The calculator is based on benchmark results from a recommended (high performance) system. You may get different results with your system.


The current calculator version only works for Zivid One+.

Not yet available.


Capture Time in Zivid Studio is equivalent to Total 3D capture time.