File Camera

The Zivid file camera is an option that allows users to test the output of the zivid camera without actually having a physical camera at hand. This feature uses a previously acquired point cloud. The benefits include being able to view first hand the accuracy and output of of the point cloud with some flexibility into adjusting certain filters even without a camera present. It also allows testing Zivid API without having a physical camera.

How to access the Zivid File Camera

After downloading the Sample Data, you can access the Zivid File Camera in two ways:

  • Follow the instructions to run samples with the Zivid File Camera (CaptureFromFileCamera and CaptureFromFileCameraVis3D).
  • Launch Zivid Studio from command prompt and access the File Camera:
    ZividStudio --file-camera FileCameraPath/FileCameraZividOne.zfc

    You can now adjust filters on the file camera as shown in the video below.