Reflection Filter

The reflection filter removes points that it deems impacted by reflections and thus erroneous. In the point cloud, such points are typically seen as “ghost planes”. “Ghost planes” are small regions of points floating mid-air that shouldn’t be there, typically stretching towards or away from the Zivid camera.

Zivid knows how the signals it sends out from the projector should look like. For this reason it is possible to assess whether or not the data that is read back by the camera makes sense. The reflection filter, therefore, attempts to discard pixels that are deemed to be tampered with as a result of one of the following:

  • Interreflections

  • Excessive movements in the scene

  • Alternating alien light sources

    • For example a second Zivid 3D camera that projects onto the same scene at the same time.

The reflection filter can be turned on or off.


Reflection filter requires an additional processing time of about 10-30 ms per acquisition.

Version History




Reflection filter is improved to remove fewer good points.