GPU Requirements

An OpenCL driver (1.2 or later) for the GPU is necessary to use Zivid.

Follow the instructions on how to check whether you have OpenCL.

A dedicated GPU gives the best performance with Zivid. It is also the best choice if the GPU will be used for more than Zivid’s computations. A medium to high-end AMD or NVIDIA GPU with at least 3 GB of memory is required for optimal performance. This is the preferred solution for Zivid.


  • NVIDIA GPUs must have compute capability higher than a minimum required value of 3.3. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the SDK will throw an exception:

    The compute capability X.Y of the NVIDIA compute device is lower than the minimum required compute capability 3.3 (or The minimum required SM version is 3.3. Device has version X.Y).

    An overview of NVIDIA GPUs and their corresponding compute capability can be found in


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or better for desktops

  • NVIDIA GeForce MX150 or better for laptops

  • AMD Radeon RX 550 or better


    Radeon no longer supports SPIR on some GPUs, please verify your GPU drivers support SPIR to be compatible with Zivid Software.


    Zivid no longer supports AMD on Ubuntu 16.04 (AMD dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04 as of Radeon Software 18.50 for Linux).