Zivid Quick Start Guide

First things first

Here’s what’s included in the box


Mounting accessories included in development kit or ordered separately.

Install Zivid Software



  • Windows 10 or Ubuntu
    16.04 / 18.04 / 20.04
  • Compatible GPU

  • 3 GB RAM or more

Follow the steps outlined in Zivid Software Installation.

Download Zivid software now!

Mount your 3D camera

A sketch which shows how Zivid One+ should positioned over a scene at an angle, and not pointing directly down.

3D cameras use active lighting to detect your target objects. To minimize direct reflections from the background and reduce potential artifacts, it is recommended that you mount your camera at a slight angle to get the best results. You can test different positions in Zivid Studio. For more information see Working Distance and Camera Positioning and Mechanical and Electrical Installation.

Connect to your camera

  • 24 V power supply

  • 10 GigE data cable

Ensure that all connections are screwed tightly in.

Configure your network to connect to the camera.

For more information see Connectivity and Power Supply.

Launch Zivid Studio


Zivid Studio provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) so you can explore the functionality and capture high-definition 3D point clouds.

Control settings and select from these views:

  • 3D color / monochrome point cloud

  • 2D image

  • Depth map

Click Analyze & Capture to capture!

See the Zivid Studio Guide and Zivid Academy for tutorials.