Contact Us

You can always reach out to Zivid via If you prefer to perform some local troubleshooting we have a number of troubleshooting guides, as well as a set of FAQ.

If the issue is not listed in our Knowledge Base, or if you still encounter it, please contact us at To help us determine the cause and find a solution, please provide the following:

Log Files

Launch the Command Prompt (press Win + R keys on the keyboard, then type cmd and press Enter) and navigate to:


Send us a couple of log files created just after the issue occurred.

System Info

Launch Zivid Studio, then click: HelpAbout Zivid StudioSystem InfoCopy to Clipboard.

Operating System

  • Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04, 20.04)

  • Windows 10


To speed up the support case and to maximize the chance of solving your issue it is recommended to provide a standalone reproducer and steps on how to use it.